Repair Your Outdoor Fire Pits This Weekend!

Repair Your Outdoor Fire Pits This Weekend!

4th of July is less than a week away. This weekend, fix up your fire pits before any 4th of July cookouts.

4th of July is less than a week away. This weekend, fix up your fire pits before any 4th of July cookouts. If you haven’t already been using your fire pits during the spring, now is the time to inspect them and make sure they aren’t in need of any ongoing maintenance. But if you do find that they need maintenance, here are some tips for how to get it done by yourself.

Are There Any Leaks?

Ask yourself if you see any leaks. Gas leaks are exceedingly common, especially with fire pits fueled by propane. Propane is one of the most common fuels for fire pits, but it is not the only kind. How can you detect a gas leak? If you still smell gas, even when the pit is off, you have a leak. To find the source of the leak, inspect components such as the fittings, the valves, and the tubes. Luckily, any leaks you do find can be patch up quite easily.

Turn Off Fuel Supply

Whether or not your fire pits are fueled by propane, shut off the fuel supply. This is another important step to remember before making any sort of repairs. If you have a portable tank hooked up to your fire pit, disconnect it. If the seal is not tight enough, it could pose problems. To reduce the risk of explosive accidents, make sure no fuel is actively running. It doesn’t matter what source the fuel is coming from, it can still be dangerous. Next, here’s what you should do about fitting and piping.

Check Fitting and Piping

After determining the presence of a leak and shutting off the fuel supply, proceed to check the fitting and piping. Rusted fittings need to be replaced. Get a replacement part for the rusted fittings, and make sure you have some plumbing tape handy. You can use the tape to ensure that the new part seals tightly once you have connected it.

Fire pits don’t always have to be installed in the ground. However, the in-ground installation method presents weather-related challenges. For example, the pipes serving the fire pits are subject to freezing temperatures in the winter and sweltering conditions in the summer. Because of these temperature differences, the pipes connected to the fire pits could break down. When this happens, you will have to find the broken pipe. Your only option is to dig around in your yard until your find the piece of the pipe that needs to be mended or replaced.

Clean and Test Fire Pits

After every other step has been completed, clean your fire pits. Burners can become clogged through constant use and lax cleaning. Much like cleaning the burners on your stove, you’ll want to be careful about how you do it. Disconnect the burners and dip them in a cleaning solution. Any clogging or crusting on the burners should be removed by the cleaning solution. Once you have let the burners sit in the solution for half an hour, it’s time to take them out. After taking your burners out of the cleaning solution, make sure to dry it as thoroughly as you can. Restore the burners to their rightful place in the fire pit. Then, reconnect pipes and fittings before you test the entire system.

To test the entire fire pit system, turn the fuel supply back on first. Light up the fire pit, and evaluate its performance.

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