Lawn Care and How to Protect Your Lawn Against Fleas

Lawn Care and How to Protect Your Lawn Against Fleas

Part of proper lawn care is protecting your furry friends against fleas!

If you have a furry friend who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, chances are you have attempted to flea-proof your home but you may not have tried to treat the outside of your home as well. Monthly flea treatments for dogs and cats are important but sometimes clearing the inside of your home from fleas may not be enough, you may need to tackle your lawn as well.

How Do I Know if My Lawn is Infested?

It’s important to know where your flea problem is coming from so you need to be able to check your lawn for signs. Walk around your yard in white socks pulled up high and linger in the areas your pet sniffs around or lays down in the most. Fleas will be easily spotted on the white socks. Fleas are typically found in cool, shady, and moist places like shrubs and leaves. Start by looking in those places, as well as where your pet likes to sleep. The white socks may be the key to discovering the source of your lawn care problem.

How to Prepare Your Yard

To prepare your yard for treatment is pretty simple. Remember that if you discover fleas in your yard it is best to keep your pets out of the area until it has been treated. Prepare your yard the way you would prepare it for any treatment. Mow the lawn, pick weeds that you see and remove debris from the whole lawn including rocks. Remember, the more clutter there is in your yard the more places fleas can hide.

How to Treat Your Yard

There are many products that exist to help treat lawns against fleas. Insecticides are a popular choice but it is important to follow the directions carefully and abide by the safety warnings. If possible, hiring a professional to administer the treatments is the best to protect you and your lawn. You can also pursue more natural options for flea removal but some of these options may have to be repeated with more frequency.

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