How to Protect Your Deck From The Elements


Learn how to protect your deck from storms.

Winter is almost here and before you know it snow will be consuming your whole property, even confining you to the inside of your home at times.  It is important that all of your outdoor features from your fencing to your deck survive all the harsh weather conditions this winter.  Your deck is a popular area of your home where your family spends time together, so you want it to be in pristine condition when spring comes around.  There are a few simple ways to protect your deck, so it stands up well to all the elements.

Bring Furniture and Plants Indoors

It is critical that you bring all of your deck furniture and plants inside before a severe storm hits your home.  You should also bring these items indoors at the beginning of winter to prevent damage to your deck and your plants from dying.  A storm is likely to damage your plants and furniture costing you money to replace all of the items.  If you leave your furniture out during the winter, then your deck will develop stains and will deteriorate.  

Inspect Thoroughly

After your deck is completely clear of any items, you should check for any damage or any potential repairs.  You want to fix any issues involving your deck before the harsh conditions of winter enhance any of the problems.  You should check your boards for cracking or rot, and inspect the railings for any loose beams.  The last thing you want is your deck needing costly repairs once spring comes around.

Wash and Stain

Every homeowner should clean and gently power wash their deck before the winter weather comes around.  Make sure to be careful when washing your deck because you don’t want to damage your deck with too high of pressure.  Depending on the age and condition of your deck, it might be time to re-stain your deck and add water repellent.  You want your deck to withstand the elements, and for water to run off your deck without soaking into it.

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