The Importance of Fall Overseeding


Overseeding now will help your lawn establish roots in time for winter.

Overseeding is one part of a comprehensive lawn care plan that many homeowners simply don’t know about. And yet, overseeding is crucial to achieving a beautiful, lush lawn. The technique involves spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. Thinning is a normal thing as grasses mature, so overseeding helps to keep your lawn vigorous without having to start over from scratch. Early fall is one of the best times for overseeding, as many cool-season grasses grow best when the air temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of Overseeding in the Fall

Choosing to overseed in the fall has a number of advantages for your lawn. For starters, it allows you to fill in areas of the turf that have been damaged by summer stress, diseases, or lawn damaging insects. Warm season weeds are also less active in the fall, making it an ideal time for grasses to grow. Overseeding in the fall will also give grass a head start to establish roots before winter, that way they can begin growing again when spring arrives. Keep in mind that cool weather arrives earlier the further north you go, and timing for fall overseeding depends more upon temperatures than it does on the calendar. You will want to overseed early enough to give turfgrass time to germinate and for seedlings to mature.

What’s Involved in Overseeding

When choosing to overseed your lawn, you’ll want to select the best grass seed for fall and apply it in the correct amounts. You will need a rotary or drop spread, and some knowledge of the type of turfgrass so that your new grass matches the appearance of your lawn as much as possible where it’s being seeded. Our experienced lawn care professionals at Edward’s Lawn & Home can make the process easy and accessible.

Aeration and Overseeding

Fall overseeding is often combined with lawn aeration because germination depends upon seed-to-soil contact. If your soil is compacted, overseeding won’t be nearly as effective. Lawn aeration helps water, air, and nutrients have easier access to turfgrass roots. That will help provide turfgrass seedlings with new space and favorable conditions to grow.

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