How Soon Should You See Results from Aeration and Overseeding?

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Let’s discuss the benefits of aeration and overseeding results.

A great lawn is admirable on a residential and commercial landscape. Its lush and emerald color set the front of your premises, welcoming staff and visitors. Although many factors contribute to a beautiful lawn, aeration and overseeding will also get you that super-healthy lawn. Let’s discuss the benefits of aeration and overseeding results.

Aeration Process

Aeration refers to taking a machine called a lawn aerator to pull small plugs from your property’s lawn and soil. This can do wonders for your commercial property’s lawn because your lawn will eventually compact and restrict your lawn’s ability to breathe. So, lawn aeration relieves this compaction by opening your yard to these positive inputs and enhancing its root development. In addition, roots that reach deeper form a healthier, thicker lawn. So, what are the aeration and overseeding results?

Optimal Aeration and Overseeding Timing

In fact, fall is the ideal time for experiencing the benefits of aeration and overseeding results in Maryland. The cooler air and warm ground make the best environment for penetrating the soil and growing grass. It increases the chances of new grass thriving and surviving. Additionally, you’ll see the benefits of the roots developing through autumn for an optimal green and lush appearance when spring approaches.

By performing these services once a year, your lawn will look fabulous. Since drought and warmth can stress your grass, your property will eventually weaken without aeration. So, aeration will ensure your commercial lawn doesn’t thin out during the summertime.

How Soon Are Results Visible?

Believe it or not, you should be able to see the aeration and overseeding results on your commercial lawn in 7 to 10 days. This process is when the soil plugs disintegrate, and the seeds germinate so you can see thicker grass form. Therefore, your long-term benefit results are thicker, healthier grass and excellent soil conditions.

Lastly, ensure your commercial maintenance service provider has watering requirements or scheduled irrigation plans after lawn aeration and seeding. Watering the lawn after these essential services is a primary process. Need aeration and overseeding services for your Maryland commercial lawn? Call our office today at 443-341-6539!

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