Conservation Tips When Watering Your Lawn

Check out these conversation tips to save water when watering your lawn!

Check out these conversation tips to save water when watering your lawn!

More and more homeowners are making an effort towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, and water conservation is a huge factor. While we all want lush and green lawns, there are ways to have beautiful grass while using less water. Continue reading for a few conservation tips to use when watering your lawn this spring!

Watering Schedule

While you don’t have to water your lawn at the exact time each day you water, it’s best to keep a regular schedule. For instance, watering is most effective in the early morning or late in the evening, as the afternoon is the hottest part of the day. By not watering in the afternoon hours, you will save water, as the soil will keep the moisture in longer and avoid evaporation. The length of watering times should be adjusted with the change of seasons as well, as grass needs less water in the spring and fall than during the summer. Also, you don’t want to overwater your lawn. Watering every day or every other day only wastes water, and can damage your lawn.

Sprinkler System

You should also inspect your sprinkler system, and cycle through each sprinkler zone to check for broken parts or leaks. If you notice a loss of pressure, this could mean that there is a leak in your irrigation line. Also, check your sprinkler heads regularly to ensure they haven’t been moved and are watering your grass rather than driveways and sidewalks.

Another way to save water with your sprinkler system is to install a rain sensor, which is a great and inexpensive tool to conserve water. Of course, sprinkler systems do not to be turned on while it’s raining, and the sensor will prevent the system from turning on during a shower or storm.

Inspect Your Lawn

Your lawn should have proper maintenance and inspection to ensure the water can do its job. For example, aerating your lawn will allow water to travel deeper into the soil, while soil that is unable to absorb water will struggle without frequent watering. Don’t mow the grass too short, as this will result in your lawn needing more water to recover.

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