4 Landscaping Resolutions for the New Year

Consider creating a new compost pile in 2017!

Consider creating a new compost pile in 2017!

New year, new yard! While most of us swear we are going to finally lose weight, eat better, exercise more, and spend more time with loved ones, often times these resolutions don’t get followed through. If you’re looking for ideas to improve yourself in 2017, why not consider something that will benefit your whole home? With this in mind, here are a few things you can do to improve your landscape in the new year.

Start Composting

A compost pile is a very easy, doable task and comes with a lot of advantages. Composting lets you reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills, and also provides you with readily available nutrient-rich soil to use in your gardening projects and flower beds. Compost reduces your need for fertilizer and helps soil to retain moisture, meaning you’ll save money and conserve water.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own vegetable garden might seem intimidating and like a lot of work, but it can be incredibly satisfying to grow some of the things you eat at home. A home vegetable lets you know exactly where the food comes from and how they were grown. You don’t have to transform your entire backyard into a farm. Even just a few tomato and pepper plants is a great way to get started and enjoy the experience and convenience of gardening.

Improve Your Patio

A patio is a great place to entertain guests during the warm months. When it comes to hardscaping projects, it’s worth planning as early as possible. Consider installing an outdoor kitchen, adding some new outdoor lighting, or remodeling your patio space. A new patio will help you increase the amount of usable space in your yard make your whole home feel more spacious.

Improve Water Conservation

Water conservation is always a good idea, and proper landscaping is the first place to start thinking about the problem. You can cut down on your water use by installing a better, more efficient irrigation system, installing new hardscapes, and plantings low-maintenance, native species that thrive in your yard’s natural landscape.

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