3 Tips To Protect Your Patio For The Winter

winter landscaping

Don’t let winter damage your patio!

Although it may not be every homeowner’s favorite activity, it is critical to prepare your home for the frigid winter months.  When preparing your home for winter weather, it is wise to start with you landscape features specifically your patio.  The last thing you want is a snowstorm damaging your stone patio and all of your furniture pieces.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways to protect your patio for the winter so that it looks practically untouched once spring comes around.

Start With The Furniture

Before you start the patio itself, you have to clean and store all of your patio furniture to avoid any of the elements damaging them during the winter.  You should clean all your furniture items depending on the material.  With all of your furniture that is made out of aluminum or iron, should clean with mild soap and water.  Check if any rust has accumulated on your furniture and sand if needed.  Once all of your furniture pieces are clean, then you can store them in a safe place on your property.

Seal and Protect

If you have a paver patio, it is essential that you apply sealer to it before the first snowfall of winter.  Sealing your paver patio protects it from the elements scraping and eroding it and also prevents any ice or water from seeping into the stone causing serious damage.  All you need to do is brush the sealing product over the top and sides of the stones.  Now you will have a strong, non-slip patio.

Keep Them Clean

Once your patio is sealed, you should clean it thoroughly with a power washer especially if you have a stone or paver patio.  Power washing will get rid of any stains and dirt easily making your patio look brand new.  Once your patio is clean, you should avoid using a metal shovel to remove snow because it can damage your patio.

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