Best Placement for Evergreens

Best Placement for Evergreens

Tis the season of evergreen trees! Here are tips for how to arrange them in your landscape.

When we think about evergreens during December, it is usually because we’re thinking about Christmas decorations. Evergreens are more than merely Christmas trees, however. Evergreen trees and shrubs offer year-round beauty and play a huge role in winter landscaping as they consider to offer protection and beauty when other plants are bare and cold. If you want to get the most value from them, you must consider the best placement for evergreens in your landscaping. Read on for some tips. 

Group Your Shrubs

Evergreens are great shrubs and are a popular choice for shrubbery fences or hedges. Don’t just plant a uniform row of shrubs, though. Group your evergreen shrubs in 3’s or 5’s of the same size and type, then accent that with taller and shorter plants in a different variety. The variation adds visual appeal and makes for a more beautiful landscape. Many hedge varieties of evergreen, like holly, don’t flower, so adding a flowering plant in front of the hedge makes a great accompaniment. Likewise, a deciduous flowering tree over a group of evergreen shrubs offers a beautiful contrast. 

Location Matters

There are several practical angles to consider when it comes to the location for evergreens. The first is how much sun it will need: most conifers require full sun, while many broadleaf evergreens enjoy partial shade, especially from the south. Before you decide on a location for that tree or shrub, map out how much sun the location gets over the course of a day and from which direction. It would help if you also considered where shade from any evergreen trees you plant would fall in relation to your home. You want as much sun exposure as you can get in the winter to warm your home, while shade on your home during the summer will be a good thing.

Plan For Dramatic Contrast

Few things are as dramatic as a tall, strong evergreen rising against a landscape covered in snow, except maybe that same tree as a silhouette against a winter sunrise or sunset. Think about where sunrise and sunset happen in relation to your house, and if you have a clear area that would allow for a dramatic backdrop, plant your evergreen tree there. When scouting for possible locations for your evergreens, also consider where you’ll see them from – make them visible from your outdoor living space or the living room if that’s where you spend most of your relaxing time. 

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